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About Us

We’re a full-service fashion garment production and distribution team, with flexibility and quality fitted as standard.


Our Vision

Our vision is to pursue even higher standards of excellence through our philosophy of integrity, efficiency and strategic partnership.  

Excellence: Every aspect of what we do is infused with excellence. We are committed to continually improving ourselves.


Integrity: Integrity is baked into our DNA. We pride ourselves on our transparency, fair pricing, and ethical way of working.


Efficiency: Through our network of partners, expertise, and philosophy of continual improvement we’re always working to improve efficiency across all our services. We pass the benefits to our clients.


Strategic partnership: We build and maintain long-term positive partnerships with our suppliers and clients alike. We believe that reliability and transparency build better partnerships and better outcomes for everyone. 

What We Do

Our mission is to achieve our vision through a combination of first-class service, incomparable quality, unmatched efficiency, and competitive pricing.

We offer the A to Z of professional fashion garment production - from concept, design and pattern-making, all the way to manufacture and distribution, tailored to our clients’ creativity and budget. Each of our clients receive:

Efficiency with excellence / Convenience with creativity / Top level industry expertise

Our Values

Our values guide how we work, who we work with and how we conduct ourselves. Everything we do, we do with these values in mind:

Confidence: Our rich industry experience, deep professionalism, and expert insight, coupled with the maturity of well-established production facilities, give us an innate confidence to flourish.

Optimism: Whatever the market conditions, we remain positive and proactive, and always do our best to help our clients.

Introspection: We self-mentor. We continually reflect on our performance and processes so that we’re  continually improving and prepared for anything.

Perseverance: We never give up, no matter what.

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